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  Welcome on Truffle in Tuscany
WHO I AM: “My name is Massimo and I am a truffle hunter
; I was born in 1974 in San Miniato, a small medieval town located in the heart of Tuscany and deservedly listed as one of the undisputed capitals of the White Truffle (Tuer Magnatum Pico). My grandfather, Lino, called “I’ Mencacci”, gave me the love for nature and an intense passion towards this diamond of the land so sought-after and coveted by gourmets from all over the world. It was him, one of the first truffle hunters with capital “T”, to tell me legends, anecdotes, stories about truffle and truffle hunters and now I feel I have to share such a treasure with those who want to discover a tradition otherwise just reserved for few connoisseurs.
I started with friends, we were sitting at the table in front of a delicious dish of tagliolini with truffles and I noticed their surpise, their eyes shining... they looked like children listening to the imaginary adventures of their favorite heroes!
There are no heroes here (apart from the dogs of the truffle hunters), but there is a beautiful and very peculiar tradition that needs to be discovered to fully appreciate His Majesty the King Truffle”.

I thought about a various solutions of truffle hunting tour and tasting real fresh truffles of San Miniato, cooked by experienced chefs. Below are the main types of these offers...

Expert Truffle Hunters and Master Chefs, realize your unforgettable Private Truffle Tour...
Each itinerary will be organized around you and then customized according to your needs.
All experiences include a very detailed explanation about the REAL TRUFFLE (in Italian or in English): its nature, history and also few legends that have been always fascinating for those which wants to get to know this mysterious Mother Nature's treasure.
Contact me, for more info. For your “trufflicious” experience, we suggest:
1. TRUFFLE EXPERIENCE walking in the woods for truffles hunting with tasting based on fresh truffle.
2. LUXURY TRUFFLE EXPERIENCE walking in the woods for truffles hunting where in 1954 was found the biggest truffle in the world combined with tasting or lunch/dinner or cooking class based on fresh truffle.
3. TRUFFLE & LUNCH EXPERIENCE walking in the woods for truffles hunting with lunch or dinner based on fresh truffle.
4. TRUFFLE & WINERY EXPERIENCE walking in the woods for truffles hunting with tasting based on fresh truffle.
5. COOKING CLASS EXPERIENCE walking in the woods for truffles hunting with tasting based on fresh truffle and cooking class in a traditional truffle hunter family with tasting.
6. MORE TRUFFLE EXPERIENCE recreational activity for business meetings, lunches / dinners, cooking shows, training courses about truffle, the original proposals of marriage and all that is possible to make original and exciting using this diamond of the earth.
7. LUXURY COOKING EXPERIENCE CON LO CHEF: We start in the morning with a pleasant cooking class with one of the best italian Chef and his team: we can prepare starter, fresh pasta, tipical tuscan dish with meat and with truffle and the dessert.


The services we offer, from truffle hunting to tasting, are aimed at making you know and appreciate the REAL TRUFFLE and we guarantee that what you will see is exclusively the original truffle and not artificial product.

  San Miniato and the tradition of the Truffle in Tuscany.  

In the following pages we want to tell you about the White Truffle of San Miniato: the magic of its research, its history, the legends which recall its myth and its uses in the kitchen.

Knowing this precious Mother Nature's treasure with its peculiar flavour is a wonderful chance to discover the traditions of our land. These traditions are linked to nature and work in fields that nowadays represent a cultural heritage unique in the world.

We are in the heart of Tuscany and here you can find "King Truffle"! Its quality is recognized as number one in the world. Only through searching and finding it under the guidance of an expert truffle hunter and his dog can you experience the emotions of a fairy tale.
You will learn how to recognize and distinguish it from other truffles of inferior quality and artificial products. You will see with your own eyes how to cook King Truffle and you will try it combined with the dishes and wines of our land… and finally, you will surely fall in love with King Truffle!

I look forward to welcoming you...

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funghi tartufi toscani
il tartufo bianco nella cucina toscana ricette con uova, tagliata, tagliolini, pasta, crostini toscani e vini locali
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  Days: 9-10 16-17 and 23-24 November 2019  
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  Month: July 2019  
  vacanze in Toscana alla scoperta del tartufo bianco nella tradizione enogastronomica locale
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