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My Family
I had luck to grow up in a truffle family and I would like to introduce them:
  My grandpa Lino
there are just few truffle hunter with first letter as capital, like for him and he has been for sure one of those, going on to leave real passion and love to mather nature and its respect for, with traditions to my father. He always repeated to me: "Massimo, you cannot become a truffle hunter in one day, one month or 1 year and every time you will go to the woods with your dog, you will be surprised for beauty of nature"... Years later i realized how much was true.
  My sister Letizia
the Family chef! My grandma Leda passed to her passion for cooking, skill to make traditional dishes never trivial and her ability to valorize to the best the native land products, like truffle.
  My father Salvatore
I consider him like one of the most knowledgeable person in the world for truffle (it's better don't say this to him, otherwise he exalt) with one immense love to this mysterious fruit of nature. He took roles and prestigiuos rewards in San Miniato, in Tuscany and in Italy and he has always fought and defending for REAL TRUFFLE: From 1996 to 2014 he is the president of the “TRUFFLE HUNTERS ASSOCIATION OF SAN MINIATO'S HILLS (one of the most important area in the world in the production of White Truffles); From 1995 to 2004 vice-president of “Truffle hunters Association of Tuscany”; From 1996 to 2005 vice-president of “Truffle hunters Association of Italy”


  ... and my heroes:
Pepe, Billy and Stella! They are a important members of the family; what does unite truffle hunter to his dog is something we cannot to describe, a perfect understanding... something that goes beyond of the relationship between man and animals. Pepe, Billy and Stella are expert dogs and they are my guide into the woods of Tuscany: together for hunting the biggest truffle of the world!!!


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funghi tartufi toscani
il tartufo bianco nella cucina toscana ricette con uova, tagliata, tagliolini, pasta, crostini toscani e vini locali
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